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Mended Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Author: admin

Everyone’s heart has a story…My mended hearts series suggests within ones contemplation of their hearts journey that they have found a peace and strength within the ups and downs.  There are very few perfect stories of love.   A love that can be perfect is the love you have for yourself.   It is a cliche, but a true one nonetheless, that you must first love yourself, before you can love someone else.  The mended heart is one that has felt pain, but can move on and move forward from the experience.  A mended heart is one that knows its strengths and weaknesses, doesn’t assume to be perfect, but is full of beauty, fused and stitched back together, full of wisdom with a history full of laughter and tears, and a heart that will be stronger because of it.   A mended heart is a real heart, true, and honest.

The glass pendants I’ve made to honor the woman’s heart that has a story are previewed below.   If you’d like to order a pendant to honor your journey please call my store, Love Life Live Life.  Contact information is listed in the contact headline of my blog.  Please remember, you cannot control how others treat you in life, but you can control how you treat yourself…be gentle!  Love,  Kimberly

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