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A Happy Accident

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My mother has always been the glass artist in the family.  Up until now I have focused mainly on painting and making beaded jewelry.  Recently having opened Love Life Live Life in Gatlinburg, Tennessee it became apparent to me that I too would have to learn how to fuse glass to keep up with the demand for unique pieces of jewelry so desired by my customers.

About one week ago my mom lent me her kiln and supplied me with some glass to get started and I was off to the races.

The first time I fired this piece, admittedly, I forgot I was running the kiln.  The design that I had in mind was lopsided, marbled, and fully fused, which were qualities in the piece I wasn’t, at that time, inviting.  I continued to fire the piece two more times placing a base color of blue glass behind the charcoal organic center, followed by a firing of green frit onto the pendant.  The end product is powerful, organic, and beautiful and truly is a happy accident.

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